Account Coordinator Fort Wayne, IN

This job is a great opportunity for an account coordinator to be working as creative financial staff in Fort Wayne.

Duties of the Selected Candidate

You will have to work with the customers and determine what their requirements are.

Make sure that all the questions asked by them are answered clearly and desired information is provided. You can do that by performing your research, locating the matter and then clearing out their query.

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Selected candidates must be able to solve all the problems that appear during their working, they will have to clear out any issues and resolve the problem by researching and providing alternative solutions.


Any requests made must be fulfilled and asked information must be provided on time.

He or she would have to forward the request for a transaction and make sure that it is completed.

He must have marketing skills and should know how to upsell. In this way, he or she would be expected to sell more services than the client asked for. It can be done by explaining new features and benefits of additional services.

Every piece of information must be entered in the database and a complete call log for the call centre should be maintained.

If any equipment is a malfunction or stops working due to any reason, it must be reported to the authorities. He would be responsible for the fact that every equipment is operational and functional.

He or she would have to participate in every opportunity related to education to keep their information updated.

You will have to improve the reputation of our organisation by making sure that any new request from clients is accepted. It will be your job to increase the value of a positive step in the form of a bonus.


Requirements for the Job

You will have to keep a record of the quota and how it was achieved.

The candidate must have strong communication skills whether on phone or in person. Another important characteristic is active listening that can help you with this post.

He or she must be familiar with anything related to CRM and how this system works.

Focus to Understand the type of personality of your client and adapt accordingly to make your sale.

Time management must be on point and he or she must know multitasking to manage more than one job at once. You must be able to set a priority and work accordingly.


Overview of the Company

The name of the company is Creative Financial Staffing (CFS) and it is the largest firm with most employees. The company was established in 1994 and since then, they have managed to open more than 30 workrooms in not just America, but also in Carribean.


Career Opportunities for the Individual

CFS is growing every minute and is looking for people who are enthusiastic, passionate, higher-caliber, time oriented and entrepreneurial. If you think you are such a person, we suggest you join our team and get an opportunity to grow your career.

You can also join our network to get more information.


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