Best Christmas Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2019

As soon as the Christmas period is near, the big channels start to prepare their digital marketing campaigns. In this article we’ll discuss the best Christmas Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2019 from Twitter, Amazon etc. and how it changed the whole mood of the user.


This summer just close to Christmas period, Amazon went back in history to encourage their marketing campaign by launching a toy catalogue named A holiday of Play. Some channels previously launched toy catalogues but since some years this trend has been disappearing. No doubt the buyers still have a positive and exciting feeling when they turn the pages of toys and mark the best ones for their Christmas Wishlist. The toy catalogue which is launched by Amazon is digital as it includes a QR code on every page. The shopper can scan it and go directly to the product page to purchase it. You can also buy this catalogue in PDF form.


This Christmas twitter has created an advertisement to compete with John Lewis and posted it through a tweet. Twitter teaming up with a social media celebrity by fluke to create their personal John Lewis advertisement to motivate users to join twitter and take part in the conversation.


This Christmas, ETSY has partnered with Pinterest to make the buyer’s experience a good and positive one. They added a new option titled ‘’Gift Finder’’ which is capable to introduce the person on the receiving end. It offers recommendations as per the buyer. Pinterest has advertised pins and created videos which can make this tag famous. It is working as a platform for advertising and over 87% of the Pinterest users have seen this Etsy campaign.

Google Santa Tracker

This is a famous feature of Google which comes in action on every Christmas evening. In this campaign, Google locates the Santa which provides gifts to the Children everywhere in the Globe. They’ve launched a small website which includes games relating to Santa and Christmas. This website users Google Home Speaker which responds if a question is asked that “Where is Santa’’. Apart from this, Santa can also be tracked on smartwatches and Google Home.

These were the best Christmas Digital Marketing campaigns of 2019 which were really wilding on that time.

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