Data Platform Engineer Job in Dubai, UAE

It is a full time, permanent employment opportunity for a data platform engineer to work in Dubai, UAE.


Company Overview

Firstly, let’s introduce you to the company that you will be applying for. IBM is not just a company that asks you to do a job like a robot, it expects you to create something new by learning and researching through the process. It needs you to consult others and come up with your own design that will be built to perfection. They don’t want you to just perform better than others, but to complete a task that seemed to be impossible. They promote creation and invention by playing your part in this era of high end technology. You will be expected to solve the problems that don’t seem possible, but aren’t impossible either. If you think you can be one to be working here, apply for this post and let them see your talent.

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Responsibilities of this Job

IBM needs to pull up a SWAT squad to engage the clients, all the data of each client must be kept in the configured archives and their designs must be created just like they desire. You will have to be updated about all new technologies and industry practices that are started currently. You should completely understand the new challenges of the industry and how to acknowledge them. All the needs if the clients must be fulfilled and you must create technical solutions with your team.


Your Roles

Help the development team of our clients and assist them in script testing, debugging figures, and produce functional metrics.

Use all the data to produce more profits and make sure that the return in investment has a higher ratio. The assets of their data must help in improving their business experience and help them achieve their goals and satisfy all the needs.

Be consistent. The quality of data must not fall, it should remain high and get much higher with passing time as you get more experience in the field. Create high standards of data and keep integrating it on the drivers. It must be done operationally as well as analytically to ensure high quality.

Improve the security of the data, enhance the feature and upgrade the standards. Perform deep analysis to get to the root cause of a problem and cut it down in a way that ensures least loss. All the solutions must be implementable and functional for the type of data.

You must be able to deal with problems related to cross functional problems and implement your solutions.


Your Life While Working at IBM

If you are a type of pers who wants to do something that brings a change, IBM will be the best option to boost your career and follow your passion while making an impact on the world with each move you make. Here you will get diverse and astonishing options to take your career to the heights of success. We allow each of our members to have a voice and speak in the environment of trust and diverse cultures.




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