Female Science Teacher Job in Qatar

This job is full-time employment for any female to pursue a career in Qatar as a permanent science teacher.


Company Overview

The company Alderwood works with different organisations and helps then recruit employees for any spare posts. For this job, Alderwood has paired up with a Qatari school that is looking for a female science teacher who will maintain its standards of high-quality education. This school has maintained its name by always providing top schooling to local children of Qatar. They always recruit dedicated teachers who can help the child grow and appreciate the developmental process. The school expects the teacher to provide all the facilities provided by the school to the students and must communicate perfectly.


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About The Job

The first requirement is creativity that will lead you to success as a teacher. You will have to deliver schooling to the people of Doha, Qatar with enthusiasm so that the results of your hard work are visible in the kid’s performance. You will not be left alone but all the senior teachers and departmental heads will help you with each step you take. They will guide you on how to manage your classroom routine, make a schedule and plan all the lessons that you will be teaching every week. Your seniors will be there to aid you to gain confidence in yourselves and take your steps carefully in this new journey. As a teacher, you will have to teach kids from the age of 11 to 15 and it will be your responsibility to keep track of their homework and classwork so that they can perform well in their final examinations.


Daily Duties of the Teacher

The school has a very friendly environment and while working there, you will feel like your own home. You will not be burdened in the start but as you get to know more about the work and get settled, you will be expected to fill all the data in a journal and keep track of all of your colleagues and departmental head.

You will have to assign tasks to every student and give them a deadline so that the task is completed in the set amount of time without any delay. Also, keep in mind that not all students learn at the same speed, some hv fast learning abilities and some are slow. Your task will be to keep both in your mind and assist them well so they can perform well in the exams. Give extra time to some so that all of their confusions are solved and they gain confidence in themselves.

The school in Doha, Qatar has a strict rule against bullying and any violation can result badly. You will have to make sure that no such action happens under your supervision. Abide by all the rules of the school and follow all policies.

A teacher is the vital part in the success of every individual, so you will have to be a role model for all of your students.


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