Plan your marketing communication for Christmas

First step is to prepare your website for Christmas. Once you’ve fully prepared your website, added offers and promotions, optimized for mobile that means you can sell. But before selling products you must spread about your Christmas offers and promotions to the audience. These are few ways of planning your market communication for Christmas.


Social Media

Social Media is the most essential platform to communicate with your audience and letting them know about your brand promotions and offers. Just before Christmas period you can post festival themed posts on your social media pages and target it to your desired audience. Providing offers including free gifts, and free delivery can attract your customers. These ways will improve to connection with your current customers and their loyalty towards your brand will increase. You can study the techniques of your competitors and use Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for utmost benefit.

Seasonal PPC

Google AdWords is an amazing tool to make sure your brand and products are noticed by huge audience. Following these 4 ways are important:

  • Use keyword research for Christmas.
  • Create campaigns for Christmas
  • Make Christmas promotions and advertisements.
  • Keep full record and check for your ad performance.

To get better rankings of your website you should add proper and relevant seasonal keywords so that people can search your page easily. You must create your campaign as per your ad. The basic rules work on PPC and you must make sure that you’re posting topics by keeping in mind the Christmas festival. The special pages which you’ve made for Christmas must be optimized for the exact keywords for SEO. You can also post adverts on social media and adding a link on it so if people click on the ad, they will automatically be redirected to your website. Last but not the least, your heading and subheadings should be relevant to the topic.

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